Training Trauma Yoga Therapist

The trauma yoga therapist training (training seminars A1-A6) is based on the basic seminars. Many of the participants have had painful experiences themselves in the course of their lives. In demonstrations, partner and group exercises, self-awareness is given even more space. I can authentically pass on what I have experienced, felt and experienced myself. The attentive togetherness, witness from the community and appreciative accompaniment create a healing space in which the experiences can be refined more and more. Injury experiences that were dominant in the past can lose their power through growing awareness and thus enable a new, safe experience in the present. [more …]

The accompaniment of case studies from one’s own professional practice is part of the training. It is expected that the participants will also be more involved in the training. The knowledge from the training is deepened and expanded, so that the confidence in dealing with unusual situations increases. We work process- and participant-oriented: In the sensitivities round we open space for inner processes that are promoted by working together. It is increasingly encouraged to work in partners, as the mirroring of one’s own processes by a trusted person is conducive to growth. In the exchange of self and external perception, subtle energies can be perceived even more subtly. The structure of the weekends of the trauma yoga therapist training is based on the yogic model of personality development. Each weekend has one chakra as its focus. The days begin and end with meditation and / or pranayama.

The conclusion of the trauma yoga therapist training consists of a 20-minute presentation. This can be done through a video demonstration of a group session, a short written discussion of a specific topic from the TSY area, a more detailed sequence of exercises with justification of individual steps for a specific target group, or a case study describing the problem and the goal of the individual lesson. The training enables trauma-sensitive yoga to be practiced both individually and in groups with different target groups (e.g. refugees, prison inmates, soldiers).

Individual supervision by one of the lecturers is recommended.

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Note : The seminars only take place with a minimum of 11 participants per seminar.

Course fee for your training as a trauma yoga therapist / trauma yoga coach

For Germany (for online and face-to-face events)

The total course fee for all 9 seminars is
3240,- €
minus 100,- € discount for simultaneous booking and is payable as follows:

The deposit is 320,- € and is due immediately upon booking and is non-refundable. The remaining payment can be made as follows:

  • with 12 installments 235,- €/monthly
  • with 16 installments 176,25 €/monthly
  • with 20 installments 141,- €/monthly

For Austria (only for face-to-face events)

for online events the price is the same as in Germany

The total course fee for all 9 seminars is
3440,- €
minus 100,- € discount for simultaneous booking and is payable as follows:

The deposit is 320,- € and is due immediately upon booking and is non-refundable. The remaining payment can be made as follows:

  • with 12 installments 260,- €/monthly
  • with 16 installments 195,- €/monthly
  • with 20 installments 156,- €/monthly

However, the entire course fee must be paid by the end of the training.

This is the title you will acquire – Trauma Yoga Therapist Training

After completion of the Trauma Yoga Therapist Training with all 9 modules (including basic seminars G1-G3) and successful presentation, there are two options for certification:

  1. Trauma yoga therapist (as a doctor / alternative practitioner)
  2. Trauma Yoga Coach (without healing license)

We point out that diagnostics (disease detection) and therapy (disease treatment) are reserved exclusively for physicians and alternative practitioners. As a trauma yoga coach, your therapeutic work aims, among other things, at identifying the causes and sustainable health promotion and prevention.

Requirements for the training


  • Attending the basic seminars 1-3 (G-1 to G-3) and
  • a yoga teacher training of at least 2 years or
  • psychotherapeutic training or
  • at least 3 years of professional experience in a health or social profession

Requirements for completing the training

  • regular participation in all training seminars (A-1 to A-6)
  • A 20-minute presentation from training seminar 3
  • Participation in a regularly scheduled trauma-sensitive online yoga course during the duration of the TYT training course. Tuesdays 9:00 am and Wednesdays 18:30 pm at


    or Tuesdays 20:00 at


    and Thursdays 18:30 at
    Course fee 250,00 € in addition to the course fee of the Trauma Yoga Therapist* Training.

A basic mental and physical stability is required in order to participate in the training and advanced training courses.