Shareholder and lecturer Regina Weiser


Graduate psychologist and analyt. Psychotherapist, Yoga Teacher (MYI), Trauma yoga therapist (TSY), with a statutory health insurance physician in the Ruhr area for 25 years, private practice in Freiburg since retirement, author of three books, seminars on the integration of yoga in the psychotherapeutic process, member of the therapist network SEN (spiritual crises) and collaboration in the clearing house for processing sexual abuse, recently increasingly active in refugee aid.

1965 – 1968 training for Primary school teacher, University of Frankfurt / M.
Since 1965 stays in the monastery and retreats to come to terms with my own traumatic experiences in the post-war period
1968 – 1971 elementary school teacher (1st and 2nd Class), 1. and 2. State examination
1971 – 1976 studied psychology at the Universities of Heidelberg and Düsseldorf, graduating as Graduate psychologist
1972/1973 internship and participation in a drug therapy project
1976/1977 employment in an educational counselling centre, active participation in setting up the child psychiatric department at the Herdecke / Ruhr hospital
1977 – 1980 collaboration in child psychiatry in the anthroposophical hospital Herdecke, establishment of a cooperating educational counselling centre in a social hotspot in Dortmund
1980 marriage and birth of a daughter
1980 – 1986 During parental leave: Training in analytical psychology to obtain a Dipl. Psych. (DGIP)
1986 – 2011 Medical branch at KV Westfalen-Lippe, first practice in Gladbeck, then Bochum
Summer 1996 to spring 1997 Nine months in India, internships in yoga therapy centres, including Kaivalya Dhama Institute / Lonavla
1997-2001 Training as a yoga teacher at the Mahindra Institute in Birstein, thesis on yoga instructor: “Affirmations and Sankalpa”, thesis on yoga teacher: “The chakras as an inner path of development”
Since 1997 member of the therapist network SEN (spiritual emergence network or spiritual development network), collegial training courses to accompany spiritual crises
2000 – 2004 training as trauma therapist with Prof. Dr. Luise Reddemann graduated Trauma Therapist (PITT) ,
2005 – 2010 Regular attendance at the Lindau Psychotherapy Weeks and the DeGPT, where she is also in demand as a lecturer for lectures and seminars on the subject of “post-traumatic growth”.
Regular attendance at the advanced training weeks of DG-E eV Offer of yoga courses, proof of qualification “ Recognized trainer of yoga teachers and yoga therapists
2011 move to Freiburg, submission of the health insurance license (retirement) and establishment of a private practice in Freiburg, focus: connection of psycho-trauma therapy and yoga
2013 – 2020 co-development of the training for “trauma-sensitive yoga (TSY)”,
Seminar leader and lecturer in Germany, Austria and Switzerland
Since 2016/17: Participation in the clearing house of the Fund for Sexual Abuse of the Federal Ministry BAFZA in Berlin, lectures on sexual abuse in Austria and Germany
2018 – 2019 – 2020 Yoga course offers for refugees in social networks


2007: “Mindfulness and Spiritual Physical Exercise” in Psychology of Consciousness,
Volume 6, Lit-Verlag Hamburg 2007
“Go thank you…. Thoughts and meditations while learning to walk after a hip prosthesis” in Phönix, 12th edition – August 2007
What heals deep wounds”, published in the journal “INFO 3”, April 2013 edition, for this article the author was awarded the sponsorship prize of the German Society for Transpersonal Psychology.
2009: “Spiritual search for a path and psychotherapy – borderline experiences and their dangers”. In: Zeitschrift Info 3, March 2009
2019: Trauma-sensitive yoga: the art of growing old in harmony with yourself and the world. In issue 6/2019 German Yoga Forum


2010: Weiser, R. Dunemann, A.: Yoga in trauma therapy. Stuttgart: Klett-Cotta Verlag
2012: Weiser, R.: Overcoming fears of life with yoga. Ostfildern: Patmos Verlag
2017: Dunemann, A., Weiser, R., Pfahl, J.: Trauma-sensitive yoga. Stuttgart: Velcro-Cotta


BDY: Federal Association of Yoga Teachers in Germany
DeGYT: German Society for Yoga Therapy
DeGPT German-speaking Society for Psych traumatology
SEN – Spiritual Development Network
NAW – network mindful economy
DNA – The New Old
YiS (Yoga in Social Space) Founded and helped build a network in Freiburg since 2020