Trauma Sensitive Yoga – Basic Seminar 1 as Online Course

In this five-hour online course, two instructors teach all the theoretical and practical topics of the Basic Seminar 1 in lectures and practical exercises. The individual topics can be worked on and viewed individually. The accompanying handout allows for further in-depth study and contains all slides, supplementary content and exemplary exercises.

This continuing education course is flexible in terms of time and thus takes personal needs into account.

This online course is part of our certified advanced training – Fundamentals (G1, G2 and G3 ) of Trauma Sensitive Yoga (TSY). An online course version is already being worked on for modules 2 and 3. Alternatively, Modules 2 and 3 can be taken as an online livestream via Zoom or as face-to-face classes.

Trauma Sensitive Yoga Online Course

Learning content – theory & practice

This online course aims to empower to use the therapeutic value of yoga. The participants learn how to deepen these experiences in order to then pass them on to others.

Dealing with trigger situations is an elementary component of Trauma Sensitive Yoga. The point is not to avoid them, but to come into conscious contact with them so that you can experience your own body as a “safe place” again.

The participants learn how yoga can be performed with a wide variety of target groups (e.g. in prison, in the military, with refugees, in a clinical context or in inpatient youth welfare). It is also taught how yoga can be integrated into the individual setting.

Content overview

  • The guidelines of trauma-sensitive yoga
  • Definition of trauma
  • The autonomic nervous system and the polyvagal theory
  • Source texts of yoga: Patanjali Yogasutras and the Kosha model from the Upanishads
  • Theory pranayama
  • Trauma-sensitive modification of relaxation
  • Gentle Movement Exercises: Bottom Up
  • Practice for trauma-sensitive relaxation
  • Practice for trauma-sensitive preparation of meditation / body meditation
  • Practice of trauma-sensitive yoga
  • Practice pranayama

It is recommended to participate in the practice parts and not just watch them. A yoga mat and comfortable clothing are thus a prerequisite. Self-experience in the exercises is an elementary component of the training.

Special Extra: Supervision as Online Live Q&A

A 2-hour online livestream meeting will be held to discuss questions that have arisen with a faculty member. In this way, the contents and exercises can be deepened in conversation and in the personal support of a lecturer. This meeting takes place online in a small group at a predetermined time.

Supervision is a mandatory component for all those who wish to complete the certified advanced training and thus lay the foundations for being allowed to participate in the following two additional basic seminars.

Live Q&A mit Dozenten

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Trauma Sensitive Yoga Online Course

Trauma sensitive yoga

Basic seminar 1 Online course

  • Unlimited access to the members area with 5 hours of video material
  • Course duration: 12 teaching units
  • Live Q&A with the lecturers
  • A4 ring binder with seminar script as print version

385 €

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