Application for internship

After the three seminars, participants in the certified trauma-sensitive yoga series of seminars often ask how things will continue. You would like to deepen what you have learned and gain even more confidence in its application. The possibility of an internship in one of the modules of the certified seminar series (basic seminars 1 to 3) can be exactly the right thing. Internship means: a seminar that has already been attended is repeated – this time at half price. The content that has already been heard can be consolidated theoretically and practically. In contact with the lecturers and the other participants, the observers can provide support. In this way they develop their competence in small steps to apply trauma-sensitive yoga therapeutically. The two-time internship is the prerequisite for an assistant, which also opens the way to a possible teaching position with us.


  • Graduated from TSY Basic Seminars 1 to 3
  • Free space in the desired seminar


  • 50% of the course fee of the desired seminar


Application form for internship

I have already participated in the following modules: *

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