Application for assistance in the advanced training of TSY

The assistance, which is possible after at least two internships, offers a further deepening of one’s own skills in the practice of trauma-sensitive yoga. The assistance offers the possibility of actively supporting decompensated participants. In this way, practical experience in dealing with trigger situations can be expanded. This is a solid basis for therapeutic work with trauma-sensitive yoga.

It also provides the framework to support the lecturers in their teaching activities, for example by teaching a practical exercise / sequence. In this way, first experiences in the role of a lecturer can be made.

Assistants can take part in seminars they have already completed free of charge.


  • At least two internships
  • Written application
  • Approval by the TSY partner-team


  • Support with technology, on-site organization 
  • Supervision of decompensated participants
  • Possible use in practical exercises


  • Subsidy for travel and accommodation costs, a total of € 120.00
  • Participation in the seminars as an assistant is free of charge

Application form for assistance

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