What is trauma-sensitive yoga (TSY)?

Trauma-sensitive yoga (TSY) is a practically tested and theoretically reflective approach, based on the sources of yoga, which directly affects the autonomic nervous system. Traumatized people often find themselves cut off from themselves and the environment. By practicing a perceptual and mindful trauma-sensitive yoga, the part of the autonomic nervous system (ventral vagus nerve) that enables connection, calm and social interaction is stimulated. All body, breathing and meditation exercises are aimed at regaining and expanding the ability to feel and to create a conscious presence.

Can trauma-sensitive yoga (TSY) help me?

As a victim:
  • I learn how I can help myself in difficult situations
  • I am finally beginning to feel myself again and to become more alive
  • and can participate more in life around me again
As a professional companion for traumatized people:
  • I am expanding my therapeutic tools
  • I experience how body, mind and soul work together
  • As a yoga teacher, I understand better and better that behavior triggered by trigger situations is a normal response to an abnormal event
  • As a psychotherapist, I experience how short yoga exercises allow anchoring in the body

What does our training and further education offer?

Our certified advanced training (basic seminars 1-3) in trauma-sensitive yoga (TSY) aims to enable you to use the therapeutic value of yoga. The participants learn how to deepen these experiences in order to then pass them on to others. Dealing with trigger situations is an elementary part of trauma sensitive yoga. The point is not to avoid them, but to come into conscious contact with them so that you can experience your own body as a “safe place” again. The participants learn how to do yoga with a wide variety of target groups (e.g. in prison, in the military, with refugees, in a clinical context or in inpatient youth welfare). It is also taught how yoga can be integrated into the individual setting.

The trauma yoga therapist training (training seminars 1-6) is based on the basic seminars. Many of the participants have had painful experiences themselves in the course of their lives. In demonstrations, partner and group exercises, self-awareness is given even more space. I can authentically pass on what I have experienced, felt and experienced myself. The mindful togetherness, witness by the community and appreciative accompaniment create a healing space in which the experiences can be refined more and more. Injury experiences that were dominant in the past can lose their power through growing awareness and thus enable a new, safe experience in the present.

Lecturers of trauma-sensitive yoga (TSY)

Our lecturers are all yoga teachers who have used therapeutic yoga and meditation in different places for years to accompany traumatized people.

graduate social pedagogue, HP psychotherapist
Yoga teacher and trauma yoga therapist (TSY)

Bachelor of Science
Yoga and meditation teacher, trauma yoga therapist (TSY)

Our book publications

Textbook – Trauma Sensitive Yoga by (TSY)

Leseprobe Buch Traumasensibles YogaThe team of authors provide in their book their concept of trauma-sensitive yoga (TSY), which has been tried and tested in further training, showing that, in addition to the core part of yoga practice in the therapeutic environment, many other related aspects are discussed: Why does trauma-sensitive yoga work? How does the therapist deal with special, trauma-related difficulties? How does the yoga approach fit in with the various therapeutic schools? How can developmental psychological maturation be initiated through basic stimulation in yoga?

This book is aimed at:

  • – Psychotherapists in all schools
  • Medical nurses and doctors
  • – Trauma therapists
  • – Yoga and meditation teachers
  • – and those affected

Klett-Cotta Verlag 2017 under the series “Learn to Live” ISBN 978-3-608-89181-2, € 28 – as an e-book € 22.99. An english version is in process to be published.


Practice with the yoga box: made clear and easy

– The perfect addition to the basic book “Trauma-Sensitive Yoga”

Yoga occupies a prominent position among the body-oriented trauma therapeutic offers: the principle of mindful body awareness initiates healing processes that bring people cut off from life back in touch – with themselves and with the world. With their approach of “trauma-sensitive yoga”, the team of authors in the book of the same name has developed a well thought-out, stringently structured concept tailored to trauma patients. To make it easier for both the teacher and the student to practice, the book is now accompanied by a set of cards with exercises. Precise drawings show what is important and exercise sequences can be easily understood. On the back of the 34 large format cards there is a quick guide for a quick overview. Detailed instructions can be heard as an audio download while practicing. The enclosed booklet clarifies fundamental questions and connects the card set with the book.

This yoga box is aimed at:
– Trauma therapists
– Yoga practitioners and yoga teachers
– Participants in trauma yoga training courses

Klett-Cotta Verlag 2021 under the series “Learn to Live” ISBN 978-3-608-89273-4 30.00 €. An english version is in process to be published.




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